Engineering Solutions

  • Low time-to-market & cost-to-market
  • Design & develop from any stage of product life cycle
  • Solutions from prototype to manufacture
  • Supply chain considerations
  • Feature trade-off and performance evaluation
  • Industry compliant for hazardous location
  • Fully rugged, IP-6* design

Designed for Simplicity. Engineered for Reliability.

Whether you have a single problem to solve or you want to bring an idea from concept to market, our resources are at your disposal. Our Engineering Team is unrivaled in developing rugged, reliable products from inception to manufacture. Our Research & Development Lab is outfitted for rapid prototyping almost any conceivable electronic device, and our team works hard to bring your ideas to marketable products quickly and effectively. We work hard to stay on the cutting edge, leveraging evolving technologies to reduce time-to-market and cost-to-market without sacrificing our commitment to quality.

Engineering for automation isn’t just about reducing downtime and optimizing production. It’s about informing people and allowing intelligent decisions to avoid costly breakdowns and work stoppage. Integration and configuration are just as important as functionality. Just because a product is unique doesn’t mean it’s special.

Generating value from data requires real-time, reliable connectivity and the ability to handle multiple industrial protocols and data types. Our products and solutions are engineered to enable a unified platform for the Industrial Internet of Things that is easily configured, always on, and infinitely scalable. Our products were built by our people, and no one understands them better.

Our Engineers pride themselves on usability, modularity, and scalability. Leveraging our existing knowledge and products is just one small part of what we do. Whether you need a full-stack, custom solution for brand new concept or need to add a single component, our Engineering Solutions are at your disposal.

Unlike other companies, we focus on interoperability and data integration.

Our Engineering Solutions rely heavily on our Research & Development department and their familiarity with Industrial Automation and Control Systems, including PLCs and SCADA systems. For a deeper dive, visit our [link to Supported Protocols], but we know that R&D never stops. That’s why our Engineers are constantly working to interface with new protocols and leveraging new technologies to deliver fast and effective results.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Founded on the same principles and protocols that made SCADA systems and PLCs so successful, our products are engineered for reliability.
Every component we design uses a common physical link-layer that enables our products to communicate with just about every machine on the market- in its own language. Powerful mobile processors and a proprietary operating system provides a platform that is easily configured with any device with a web browser. The ease of configuration is due in part to support for common industrial protocols, making data from multiple sources easily accessible and providing a unified view to both operators and aggregators.

Our products are engineered for industrial connectivity with one goal; to easily put your data where it can generate value. Every piece of equipment in any industry contains data that adds value to an operation. Moving and analyzing that data has historically been expensive and time-consuming; but no more. From a single sensor in a production facility to heavy equipment controllers in the harshest locations, IOT-eq’s modular approach to ruggedized design keeps equipment running- and connected- where other companies can’t.

Industry 4.0 is going to revolutionize the way businesses function. We’re living in exciting times; almost anyone can try anything for the first time, and most companies are doing just that. Some have the resources to develop new technologies in house, while others are developing solutions to problems that everyone is facing. Our approach is different. Purpose-built controllers, sensors, and state-of-the-art devices that connect your operation to the world, or just to your other systems. Inter, intra, and any other – networks are well within our purview.