Big Data is the key to the next industrial revolution, but Big Data has big requirements. We know that choosing the right combination of products to solve complex technical problems can be daunting. Modernizing your equipment doesn’t have to be painful or costly. Implementing new technologies (and getting the most out of old ones) takes time and resources - that’s why we’ve worked hard to provide a full-stack model for the next generation of industrial operations.

Engineering Solutions

Leverage our unique products to develop custom, cost-effective solutions to companies of all sizes in a variety of industries and markets.

Field Services

Our products are designed for continuous operation in harsh environments, and our technicians aren’t afraid to join them there. We stand ready to service your equipment anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.

From inception to prototyping to manufacture, IOT-eq provides you with the tools you need to solve your problems regardless of the scale. We can help you create new products or systems and provide the onsite support to get them off the ground- and all the way to the cloud. Our engineers love a good challenge, so let's get started!