teqTrace: Contact Tracing Made Easy

Contact Tracing Made Simple

IOT-eq’s teqTrace is a contact tracing tracker for medium to large size corporations. It replaces manual contact tracing to a fast and private way to trace contacts. Trackers communicate between them and when distance between them falls under a specified threshold, it records the contact and the date/time when it happened. Our device can keep 30 days of contacts recorded, with optional automatic contact tracking download to a corporation owned internal server.

For privacy reasons our trackers do not broadcast any user identifiable information, the broadcasted codes used for tracking change every 30 minutes. Our trackers can operate in any two modes: self-tracking or organization-tracking. In self-tracking mode, no tracker data is transmitted and the user must check for exposure. In organization-tracking, the sponsor organization can check all contacts that happened inside the organization.

Our trackers are waterproof, battery operated, and intrinsically safe. Depending the operation mode and server updates desired by the customer, battery life can be from 3 months to a year. Battery is user replaceable.



Product Features

  • Uses Bluetooth Low Energy with maximum (user selectable) 8dBm TX power
  • Sensing Distance configurable from 3 feet to 30 feet (+/- 50% accuracy)
  • Long Battery duration from 3 month to a year depending on user configuration
  • User replaceable battery CR2477W
  • Privacy is guarantee using Hardware Accelerated AES-256 / SHA-256 encryption
  • Intrinsically Safe and Waterproof
  • Information retrieval using IOS based device or IOT-eq’s teqTrace Data Gateway.
  • Self-tracking mode guarantees complete privacy
  • Organization-tracking mode guarantees organization wide privacy