IOT-eq’s DURO-1 is a first in automation controllers. Modular, expandable, and endlessly reconfigurable, the DURO-1 is a Rugged Intelligent Automation Controller designed for use in extreme environments- yet flexible enough to fit any application that requires process automation.​

​DURO-1 provides the benefits of a PLC, PC and PAC in a compact self contained design that provides you the best of all automation controller options and much, much more.

Duro-1 represents the next generation of industrial automation. It is unique design incorporates internal modularity using single board components that eliminate internal wiring and failure
points. Moreover, it was designed from the component level up using the latest mobile microprocessor technology that significantly reduces heat generation and improves component life so your operational efficiency increases and not your downtime.

Duro-1 holds an IP66 rating, meaning it is pressure washer proof, and the lack of wire terminations dramatically decreases the chances for vibration related to fatigue failures. Duro-1 combines Java Script and C programming languages that allow the controller to be Internet friendly, making remote maintenance and configuration via laptop or mobile device simple.


Standard Features

  • 9-36 VDC Inputs
  • IP66 Enclosure Rating
  • -40C to +85C Operating Temperature
  • Edge Computing Ready
  • Ethernet/IP

Expansion Options

  • Frequency Card-8 Inputs
  • Analog Card (In/Out)-8 Inputs
  • J1939 CANBUS Card-4 Inputs
  • PWM Card-8 Outputs (3A Max)
  • Communications-Serial 232/485/MODBUS
  • WiFi/Cellular (4G LTE-5G)