What Came First IOT or Pay as You Go

What came first IOT or pay as you go?  Obviously rental models and pay as you go have always been around but a younger generation of consumers is shifting more and more commerce to pay as you.  Ride share is merely taxi services reinvented using IOT.  Being able to see your driver approaching on a … Read more

How to Begin Your Digital Transformation This Afternoon

Cost effectiveness  is they key to experiencing a positive ROI when doing digital transformation.  The most important factor in making digital transformation cost effective is time.  The more hours put into it the more the process costs and the lower the return on investment.  Digital transformation can begin in a single day and start a … Read more

Bringing Smart City Benefits to Small Towns

Bringing smart city benefits to small towns is quite feasible with IOT-eq‘s edge platform. There are approximately 19,000 cities in the US with populations under 50,0000.  Since IOT-eq‘s edge platform is so easy to set up and operates very differently from other IOT and IIOT platforms it is an ideal solution for smaller communities as … Read more

Edge Controllers

Edge Controllers are specialized controllers that allow edge computing to be built into a controller.  Today PLCs dominate the control industry.  Specialized controllers exist for heavy equipment and diesel engines, things like farm combines use special dedicated high end controllers.  Most of these specialized controllers are not configurable or easily programmable where as PLCs and … Read more

IOT Gateways Things to Consider

There probably are not a whole lot of items which come in so many different varieties and prices as industrial internet of things gateways.  The digital pivot and digital transformation to remote work is driving the needs for more and more types of IOT gateways and creating needs within every organization for these gateways. We … Read more