Display Cement Data On Smart Phone

Display Cement Data On Smart Phone   One market that has not yet started using our gateways is well cementing.  While lots of other segments of the industry are using them cementing is not yet.  We have tested our gateways on BJ Falcons and on C&J cementers.             Some of … Read more

Show A Picture Based On A Sensor Reading

This week a customer was configuring their gate way to show a picture based on a sensor reading.  This particular customer has hydraulic reservoirs that they monitor.  They use the embedded web server in our gateways so that their customers can see alarms on these hydraulic power packs on their phones.  IOT-eq IOT gateways have … Read more

Week of 8/15/2020

This week Joe G. worked with BASF on a ratio-metric chemical project.   One of the many deep technical abilities that IOT-eq posses is the ability to do ratio-metric chemical addition (controlling the rate of one chemical to maintain a consistent percentage into another fluid stream that may vary).  One of the secrets to these kind of … Read more

See Stuff

Streamlining operations isn’t just about optimizing workflow or reducing downtime. Emerging technologies and the industrial internet of things have made proprietary control systems a thing of the past. Your specialty is optimizing your operations; our specialty is data integration and transport. Control systems sit quietly in a control panel, occasionally clicking and humming as they … Read more