With over 100 years of combined experience designing software and controls in applications across the globe, we know what features are critical to operators to get a job done reliably and safely.

Our technology was developed to address the needs of Industrial Automation and Controls Systems with a platform that provides seamless integration with current (and future) equipment. We built our products to work regardless of manufacturer or purpose; the toughest controllers in the world are only as good as the software they run. This design philosophy has given us the ability to capture data in real-time from any point in your operation to allow you to operate more efficiently, safely, and economically. We know that our customers’ needs are changing every day. We firmly believe that a platform that allows the flexibility to adapt to any environment and operational structure will mean the difference between survival and success.


Many controls companies try to apply both factory and laboratory automation equipment to mobile  equipment applications. In our experience, the results are less than optimal on every occasion. Through many years of design experience, we found that using a durable, solid control module with high-temperature components and zero internal failure points is the only solution for rugged environments. Without a solution to meet our strict demands, we made it our mission to design a family of products for continuous operation in the harshest conditions.



In the early 21st century, research into mobile processor technology resulted in components were getting smaller, more powerful, and most importantly- less expensive. A critical point was passed, and it became more and more obvious that big data was going to be the next big thing.

The current economy within the industry will require all businesses to optimize technology that will help reduce their overhead costs for the foreseeable future. Many experts point out that data will drive the optimization of operations forward. Within every sector of the U.S. economy, the availability and collection of data from machines, services, and business operations are growing at an astonishing rate today.

Much of that data remains disparate and disordered. The utilization of significant data analytics offers many industries the potential for unprecedented insight, efficiency, and economic value. America and Industrial Internet of Things are like many other large and complex businesses in the scale and diversity of its operations. What distinguishes IOT-eq from other firms is its unique combination of youth, diversity, the range of data associated with its operations, and the variety of environments in which operations occur.